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Patient Forms


Does Pediatric Associates offer same day appointments?

After hours, can my child be seen at the office?

If my child is ill and your office is closed, should we go to the closest Urgent Care or Minute Clinic?

How can I reach someone when the office is closed?

If call the office during the day how soon will my call be returned?

Do you have separate waiting areas for sick and well patients?

If my child needs evaluation from a specialist, where will you send him or her?

Do I need to bring my insurance card for each office visit?

Can you bill for my co-payments after the service?

Do you accept patients without insurance or whose insurance is not active at the time of visit?

Is there a long wait to schedule a well visit?

What types of office visits should we expect for our children?

If a diagnosis is found during a well visit that requires additional management, will additional fees be added?

Does Pediatric Associates of Winchester encourage vaccines?

What is your cancellation policy?

If I have a balance on my account, can I pay it over the phone?

I’m expecting a baby, can I schedule visit to meet you?